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5 Common Flubs People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

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You’ve been on Mission Weight Loss and it seems to be turning into Mission Impossible?

Fourteen days of starving and sweating and all you lost is two weeks? Driving weight off your body may as well be driving in the well of death – all you are doing is moving about in circles!

It would be so much better if we lose weight as easily as we lose pens, keys, glasses, or even a temper! Maybe, it’s time to figure out why you’re not losing weight. It is possible that you may be hindering your progress by making mistakes that seem very insignificant, but could prove detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Let’s have a look at the 5 most common mistakes you are most likely making in the course of your weight loss journey…

  1. Considering Low Fat Or Fat-Free Food Healthy: Most of the time, we are advised to eat low fat or fat-free foods for weight loss.  However, that does not mean you are eating fewer calories. Many of these products are loaded with sugar to improve their taste. For instance, one cup of low-fat, fruit-flavored yogurt has a staggering  47 grams of sugar! (1) Food with excess sugar may have negative effects on your body weight (2). So, rather than a low-fat diet, it’s better to choose nutritious food.
  2. Assuming All Carbs Are Bad For You:Carbohydrates have acquired a bad reputation these days. However, all carbs are not the same.When pursuing weight loss, most of us restrict the number of carbohydrates for losing weight faster. But, carbs are the main sources of energy for the body. (3, 4) What is significant to consider is the quality and quantity of carbohydrates in your diet. Fiber is one of the most important parts of a healthy, balanced diet. It can promote good health and diminish the risk of numerous health issues. (4) Carbs contain fewer calories than fat, and starchy food can be a good source of fiber, which is really helpful for maintaining a healthy weight. (4)
  3. You Disregard The Calories That Come From Liquids: We often do not consider the calories that we consume from  liquids. Most of us think drinking juices is healthy because they contain a variety of nutrients. But, this is only possible if you consume fresh juices instead of drinking processed and canned juices. Canned fruit juices may include as much sugar as a soft drink which is loaded with sugar. (5) These sugar-sweetened beverages such as fruit punches and soft drinks may increase the risk of weight gain and other health problems (6)
  4. Overeating Healthy Food: You already know that eating healthy food is an essential part of your weight loss goal. But if you think that a bigger portion of healthy food won’t hurt, then let us tell you that, it can. Despite their status of being ‘healthy’, they can still lead to weight gain. (7) The portion size of a meal may also play a significant role in the success of your weight loss journey (8). The amount of food you put on your plate also has a bearing on whether you will put on the pounds or not (9).
  5. Not Exercising Or Overdoing It: Too much exercise is as bad as too little of it! Physical activity or regular exercise is the most important factor for measuring the calories a person burns. Staying physically active can help you lose weight or maintain it. In addition, it may also have many health benefits, including a lowered risk of heart problems, stroke, blood sugar level, and high blood pressure. In either case, an inactive (sedentary) lifestyle can do just the opposite. (10) Therefore, it is really important to do some regular activities or exercises to induce significant fat and weight loss (11).

But, that doesn’t mean you should work out in excess. Some studies show excessive exercise is unsustainable in the long run for most people and may lead to stress. Moreover, it may impair the production of adrenal hormones that regulate stress response. (12, 13, 14) Thus, forcing your body to burn calories by exercising too much is neither healthy nor effective.

So, start your weight loss journey but be aware of these common flubs, and you will reach your fat-loss targets in no time. In addition, you can join SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator to jumpstart your weight loss efforts and to stay positive and motivated during your entire journey. Plus, this program may also help you fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements with the help of plant-based whole food supplements. Click on the button below to know more about this amazing program.


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